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Master Index of Freshwater Fishes (Version 2009)
This is the 2009 version of the
Master Index of Freshwater Fishes.
The data in this version will no longer be maintained and will eventually be replaced by the
2010 version of the Master Index of Freshwater Fishes
which is now available.

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Aquarium Filters

Over 40,000 references to the over 60 aquarium books and selected issues of 6 magazines. The index also contains over 300 images.

Look for the following images in the index:
for fish images,
for a link to a web site with information on the species,
for a link to the appropriate FishBase species page.

A list of the references and reference codes used in the index.

An explanation of the entries in the index.

Book & Video Store
A list of popular aquarium books and videos(DVD) available for purchase.

Some of recent additions and updates to the index and the aquatic plant index.

Events Calendar
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Aquatic Plant Index
Index of Aquatic Plants with its own reference list.

Featured Fish/Plant of the Day
A new image of a featured fish/plant every day.

Information Link Entries
A single page with entries from the index that have information links.

Index Entries With Images
A single page with entries from the index that have images.

Conversion Calculators

Viewing Options
Frames, No Frames, Add Reference as Frame.

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